Version 1.6.1

December 15, 2020

- fixed: small display issues in compare.html, knowledge-base.html
- updated packages: Bootstrap (4.5.3)
Version 1.6.0

September 15, 2020

- new pages: Invoice (user-invoice.html),  
  User messages (user-messages.html),
  User messages - Conversation (user-messages-detail.html),
  Knowledge Base (knowledge-base.html),
  Knowledge Base - Topic(knowledge-base-topic.html),
  Terms & Conditions  (terms.html)                                
- updated packages: Bootstrap (4.5.2), Bootstrap Select (1.13.18), NoUI Slider (14.6.1)
Version 1.5.1

June 22, 2020

- updated packages: Bootstrap (4.5.0), jQuery (3.5.1), Bootstrap Select (1.13.17)
Version 1.5.0

May 5, 2020

- improved: In addition to HTML files, this theme now comes with Pug file sources, 
  and changes in the Gulp workflow. 
  Pug compilation is now the recommended way of work with this theme. Pug surces 
  use includes and mixins for avoid repetitive code (navbar, footer, cards).
  If you change the navbar, the change will be effective in all your pages, 
  unlike when developing with HTML, where you would need to do all the changes in every file. 

    * pages folder now renamed to html
    * to run previously default `gulp` command, use `gulp dev-html`
    * `gulp build` and `gulp build-html` now compile everything into `build` folder,
       previously `dist`
Version 1.4.2

April 6, 2020

- new pages: User profile (user-profile.html),  
  User account (user-account.html),
  Personal Info - demo forms (user-personal.html),
  Password & security - demo forms (user-security.html),
  404 page  (404.html)
- improved: Moved the inlined script where var tileLayers were defined to js/map-layers.js
- updated: Gulp plugins (gulp-clean-css, gulp-rename), Smooth Scroll
Version 1.4.1

February 12, 2020

- updated: Switched the Map tiles provider from Wikimedia to OpenStreetMaps + Carto (affected files: js/map-detail.js, js/map-category.js). 
  Wikimedia unfortunately stopped working.
Version 1.4.0

December 20, 2019

- new pages: Real estate home page (index-4.html), Comparison/wishlist (compare.html), Team (team.html)
- improved: added 5 additional pre-made CSS colour variants (see pages/css folder)
- updated plugins: Bootstrap (4.4.1), Bootstrap Select (1.13.12), 
    NoUI Slider (14.1.1), Swiper 4.5.1)
Version 1.3.0

September 7, 2019

- new pages: Travel home page (index-3.html)
- improved: added hover animations to cards using a new .hover-animate utility class
- updated plugins: Bootstrap Select (1.13.10), 
    jQuery (3.4.1), LeafletJS (1.5.1), NoUI Slider (14.0.2), 
    PrismJS (1.17.1), SmoothScroll (16.1.0), Swiper (4.5.0)
- updated development workflow: upgraded to Gulp 4 (4.0.2), 
    switched from CSS Nano Gulp plugin to Gulp Clean CSS (4.2.0). 
    Affected files: gulpfile.js, package.json
Version 1.2.0

April 24, 2019

- new pages: User Bookings (user-grid.html), Booking detail (user-booking-detail.html), Booking process (4 pages: user-booking-1.html - user-booking-4.html, _booking.scss), Host view (user-list.html)
- improved: - added .icon-rounded-sm modifier classes (_icons.scss)
- improved: - better alert theming (_variables.scss)
- fixed: left/right arrows in Magnific popup 
   (affected files: custom/_magnificpopup.scss, new file custom/_functions.scss)
- updated: Font Awesome to v 5.8.1
Version 1.1.1

March 7, 2019

- fixed: Similar places carousel initialisation in detail.html
   (affected files: js/theme.js, new file custom/_functions.scss)
Version 1.1.0

March 7, 2019

- new pages: Sign in (login.html), Sign up (signup.html), Add new listing form (6 pages: user-add-0.html - user-add-5.html)
- improved: added SVG logo for demo purposes
- improved: to avoid CORS issues when viewing using file:// protocol, using the URL for the SVG sprite
- fixed: left/right arrows in Magnific popup 
   (affected files: custom/_magnificpopup.scss, new file custom/_functions.scss)
- fixed: SCSS customization - improved styling possibilities for brand colours, 
  added few missing !default flags, new variable for .nav-link in navbar - $navbar-link-size
  (affected files: custom/_variables.scss, user/_user-variables.scss)
Version 1.0.0

February 14, 2019

- Initial release